Friday, February 20, 2009

Carabao Language Kit released

The version is now available for download. Lots of changes and enhancements thanks to ongoing development of Chinese (not in the default database though).


  • Regression: "phantom capitalization" of re-used words
  • Regression: sequence style forcing / avoiding
  • Repositioning errors in sentences with attached tokens
  • Sequence processing in languages not using white spaces
  • Regression: single member sequence processing


  • Lattice-based processing for speech recognition and OCR application usage
  • Optional and unmapped members in sequences
  • Members in sequences which are validated but not mapped
  • Possibility to get a crosslingual representation (components only: DeepAnalyzer and Translation Server)
  • Possibility to load content from a disambiguated crosslingual representation
  • GUI in Translation Console to enable lattice-based processing
  • GUI in Translation Console to enable loading crosslingual representation
  • GUI in Translation Console to hint the system about the expected domains in the text
  • Analysis mode in Translation Console, when the source and target languages are the same and no styles are enforced / avoided
  • Capability of using the white space as a delimiter in languages that don't have white spaces
  • Smart quotes and other delimiters


  • Dictionary GUI - presents thesaurus from another language, if missing in the current language
  • Sequence builder GUI - color coding of members which are not mapped, or contain conditions producing empty sets

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