Monday, May 3, 2010

Carabao Language Kit released

The version is now available for download.


  • Handling of control priority greater than 2, when some of the members have no feasible agreement graph. The result was, that some parts of the sequence worked, and some didn't.
  • Truncation of very long sentences


  • A utility to validate and correct rule unit values
  • A generic support for formatted processing, e.g. HTML, XML, SGML including embedded formatting elements in the text flow
  • GUI to test formatted processing in Carabao Test Console
  • Automatic conversion of double-byte space characters into standard single-byte


  • Regular expressions for segmentation into character classes for double-byte languages
  • Perl-compatible regular expressions have been introduced for unknown heuristics
  • Frequency-based backtracking added to the tokenization algorithm
  • Unicode clipboard support in Carabao desktop suites is now bidirectional: when leaving the application and when coming back to the application