Monday, September 8, 2008

Free source code section

We added a small source code section on our Download page, where we will post freebies for developers.

Carabao Language Kit released

The version is now available for download.


  • Unknown patterns were translated as hypernyms

  • Regression: certain category-based sequences were omitted on second execution because of a malfunctioning guess scan caching mechanism

  • In analytical mode (Carabao DeepAnalyzer), there was a mismatch between word index number and an idiom member index, in sentences with attached tokens such as 'em, 'm

  • When copying a token with 1 rule units or less, the text is always reset to the original


  • Capability to match numbers as patterns

  • When a translation is not found, the engine tries to fall back to a matching hypernym instead

  • New methods to Carabao DeepAnalyzer that enable accessing the members of the detected idioms

  • New methods to Carabao CDA that enable accessing the unknown heuristics table

  • New sequences

  • Russian morphological exceptions


  • If an "unknown pattern" is forced to match a known word, it will not create a new guess if a guess with a same hypernym already exists. For example, if you force to check, whether a known word can be a city, a new record will not be created, if there is already a guess with a known city
    Automatic input language switching in locator fields
  • Locator fields are pre-filled with the list of all existing languages in the database, eliminating the need to jump to the next language