Monday, December 8, 2008

Carabao Language Kit released

The version is now available for download.


  • Handling of single quotes as syntax delimiters in English


  • A segmentation mode more effectively handling languages that don't use white spaces (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai). In this mode, different character classes are broken into tokens (e.g. Chinese, and then immediately English). The remaining unidentified part is run through unknown heuristic identifier.

  • Automatic conversion for Unicode clipboard data into the currently active encoding in tokens table

  • Better warning when attempting to overwrite the current token

  • A utility to rebuild semantic links cache


  • In some systems, the table of tokens with every update was adding a new set of system icons (minimize, restore, maximize) to the MDI frame window. The maximize option now causes the window to be set roughly to the full client area, but not in maximize mode

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