Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We are published at ELRA

After a few months of evaluations, agreements, and inspections, our linguistic data is published at European Linguistic Resources Association's website. The Russian - English OLIF dictionary is sold at quite a price, while the freebie Swahili, Czech and Cebuano dictionaries are distributed for free (although ELRA takes postage and media charges).

It is important to mention that all this data can be created from (usually free) ASCII dictionaries on the net using Carabao Linguist Edition.

Clarification: OLIF is Open Lexicon Interchange Format backed by SAP, especially created for NLP oriented lexica. The official website is


Vincent Isles said...


What would be the URL for the Cebuano version? Sorry, I am not familiar with ELRA's URL scheme.

Vadim Berman said...

Hi Vincent,

ELRA do not post data for download, they only distribute it on physical media.

You can download the data from our website:

(the first link)

Vincent Isles said...

Owkie... My bad :-) Thanks for the prompt reply!

Vadim Berman said...

No worries mate :-) .