Monday, September 17, 2007

Digital Sonata releases Carabao Language Kit

Digital Sonata is proud to announce the release of Carabao Language Kit 1.0.0.

Carabao is a family of linguistic tools providing the following capabilities:

  • Sense disambiguation & text understanding

  • Detailed, sentence by sentence domain extraction

  • Machine readability evaluation

  • Automatic translation between languages

  • Deep morphological analysis and synthesis

  • Transliteration between scripts

  • Named entity recognition and classification

  • Automatic linguistic profiling

  • Universal measure conversion
The most distinctive feature of Carabao is the engine's complete abstraction - from the linguistic point of view. All the linguistic logic resides in a database complete with a powerful GUI data editor. This enables users to tweak, modify, alter the engine (to the point of adding a new language) in every possible way without writing one line of source code.

In addition to more straightforward purposes, Carabao can be integrated with 3rd party machine translation and other NLP packages (such as OCR or even voice recognition) to improve their accuracy.

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